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Risks and Benefits of Nalmefene in the Treatment of Adult Alcohol Dependence: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta- Analysis of Published and Unpublished Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trials

Post Views: 1 460 Clément Palpacuer 1, Bruno Laviolle 1,2, Rémy Boussageon 3, Jean Michel Reymann 1,2, Eric Bellissant 1,2, Florian Naudet 1,2* 1 INSERM Centre d’Investigation Clinique 1414, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rennes, Rennes, France, 2 Laboratoire de Pharmacologie Expérimentale…
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Correlates of baclofen effectiveness in alcohol dependence

Post Views: 629 Shukla L, Shukla T, Bokka S, Kandasamy A, Benegal V, Murthy P, Chand P. Correlates of baclofen effectiveness in alcohol dependence. Indian J Psychol Med 2015;37:370-3 http://www.ijpm.info/article.asp?issn=0253-7176;year=2015;volume=37;issue=3;spage=370;epage=373;aulast=Shukla Abstract Alcohol dependence is a global concern. Baclofen has shown…
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